One important aspect of Cross Country running is staying active year round! Rock Creek Track Club always offers opportunities to be active whether it is Track & Field, Cross Country running, or athletic development for other sports! 

Running should be fun and rewarding no matter the age or development level. Students can register with our program and build their love for running. This is a great way to build their aerobic fitness for the Cross Country season.   

Middle School Cross Country will start in August. RCTC training offers additional opportunities for running when students do not have their school Run Club or XC practice. 


RCTC practice information will be sent out via Team Stack. We will meet from approximately 4:00-6:00pm, Monday - Friday with additional opportunities to be announced.


Club Cross Country competitions will begin as early as August, and the seasons National Championship ends in December. If your student is interested in running beyond their school XC season - RCTC will compete under both USATF and AAU for multiple opportunities for all ability levels. 

Fall XC Season Schedule

August 8th - November 12th

*Additional races may be available post Nov. 12th

Wolf Pups (1st-5th Grade) - $350 Full-Time (3+ days/week) / $200 Part-Time (2 days/week)

Wolf Pack (6th-12th Grade) - $450 Full-Time (3+ days/week) / $300 Part-Time (2 days/week)

*Race entry fees not included 

Once you are registered we will send you our Stack Team App Link to receive weekly run information! 

Tentative Practice Schedule (depending on ES/MS practice schedules):

Wolf Pups (1st-5th Grade) 4:00-4:50pm 

Wolf Pack (6th-12th Grade) 5:00-6:00pm

*Times may change due to school schedules

Example Week:

Monday - Anthem Community Park, Broomfield

Wolf Pups (1st-5th Grade) 4:00-4:50pm 

Wolf Pack (6th-12th Grade) 5:00-6:00pm

*Times/Location may change - announced via team app

Tuesday - Waneka Lake, Lafayette

Wolf Pups (1st-5th Grade) 4:00-4:50pm 

Wolf Pack (6th-12th Grade) 5:00-6:00pm

*Times/Location may change - announced via team app

Wednesday - Anthem Community Park, Broomfield or 

Serene Park, Erie

Wolf Team (1st-12th Grade) 5:00-6:00pm

*Times/Location may change - announced via team app

Thursday - Waneka Lake, Lafayette 

Thunder Valley K-8, Frederick 

Wolf Team (1st-12th Grade) 5:00-6:00pm

*Times/Location may change - announced via team app


Wolf Pups (1st-5th Grade) 4:00-4:50pm 

Wolf Pack (6th-12th Grade) 5:00-6:00pm

*Times/Location may change - announced via team app

Tentative Meet Schedule (depending on Club schedules):



Sat. August 13th - Mile High Mile // Lafayette, CO (Deadline is 8/11)

*This can serve as a Mile Time trial for the season*

Thurs. August 18th - Boulder Road Runners All- Comers // Boulder, CO

(Track Meet but can run distance events!)

Sat. August 27th - RAD ROVER Kids Obstacle Adventure // Erie, CO - Reg. Link

Sat. September 10th - Waneka Classic // Lafayette, CO

Community Race 7:30AM - 5K / MS Boys 8:15AM / MS Girls 8:20AM - 1.5 Miles 

Sat. September 24th - Jorts Mile // Erie High School

Family Friendly Race 6:30PM / 6:00+ Min Race 6:45PM /

Sub 6:00 Min Race 6:55PM / HS Showdown 7:05PM 

Sat. October 8th - Boulder Mountain Warriors Challenge // Boulder, CO


Sat. October 22nd - MS State Championships // Lyons, CO

Sat. October 22nd - Boulder Road Runners 

Sat. November 5th - Middle School XC Nationals // Louisville, KY

Tom Sawyer Park 7:00am - 1:00pm

*Sat. November 5th - Colleen De Reuck XC Classic &

USATF CO Junior Olympic Championships // Colorado Springs, CO

Time TBD

Wed. November 9th - 2 Miles 4 REAL // Niwot, CO

*2 Mile race on the Track 

Boys/Men 5:00PM  /  Girls/Women 6:00PM  /  Awards 7:00PM

*Sat. November 19th - USATF CO Junior Olympic Region 10 XC Championships // Lyons, CO

Bohn Park 9:00am - 3:00pm

*Sat. November 19th - Nike Cross Regionals (NXR) Southwest (HIGH SCHOOL ONLY) // Tempe, AZ

Shalimar Golf Club 6:00am - 2:00pm 

*Sat. December 10th - USATF National JO XC Championships // Bryan College Station, TX

*Sat. December 10th - USATF National Club XC Championships // San Francisco, CA

*Championship races will be decided by the top 8 runners per age division*

Questions‭? ‬Feel free to reach out to Club Director Jesse Fassler‭.‬

Tel: 720-240-3524     Email:

What is USA Track & Field? 

"As one of the fifty-six USA Track & Field associations, the Colorado Association governs the sports of track and field, long distance running, cross country, race walking, and mountain/ultra-distance/trail running within Colorado. We create, conduct, and oversee programs to provide opportunities for athletes of all ages to participate in the sport.

The association has over 3,500 members, more than 120 member clubs, and sanctioned over 170 events this past year. Our members include male and female athletes of all ages, plus certified officials, coaches, and clubs that support and develop them at every level."

At what age can my kid compete is USATF? 
Do you have to attend every practice? 

No. While we encourage students to come as much as they can to improve in their fitness and skills, there is no requirement for attending practices to compete at meets. 

Do you have to compete at meets? 

No. We will always encourage students to compete at meets but it is not a requirement. We offer opportunities for students to compete at the XC/T&F club level, but also we focus on athletic development so some students will only be participating to improve their skills for other sports.   

Is RCTC a year round club? 

Yes. We offer opportunities for students to compete at the T&F club level (both outdoors and indoors), Cross Country club level, and also we focus on athletic development to improve for other sports.

     Summer - Track & Field / Pre-season Cross Country training / athletic development

     Fall - Cross Country / Pre-season Indoor Track & Field training / athletic development

     Winter - Indoor Track & Field / Pre-season Spring Track & Field training / athletic development

     Spring - Bolder Boulder training / Track & Field training / athletic development 

Registration information for each season will be updated as soon as possible but always feel free to join the email list or reach out with questions!