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RCTC accepts student-athletes at all times, even mid season!

What is USA Track & Field? 

"As one of the fifty-six USA Track & Field associations, the Colorado Association governs the sports of track and field, long distance running, cross country, race walking, and mountain/ultra-distance/trail running within Colorado. We create, conduct, and oversee programs to provide opportunities for athletes of all ages to participate in the sport.

The association has over 3,500 members, more than 120 member clubs, and sanctioned over 170 events this past year. Our members include male and female athletes of all ages, plus certified officials, coaches, and clubs that support and develop them at every level."

At what age can my kid compete is USATF? 

USA Track & Field members include male and female athletes of ages 5 to 18.  

What Events can my kid compete in USATF? 
Outdoor Track (Summer)
Cross Country (Fall)
Indoor Track (Winter)
Do you have to attend every practice? 

No. While we encourage students to come as much as they can to improve in their fitness and skills, there is no requirement for attending practices to compete at meets. 

Do you have to compete at meets? 

No. We will always encourage students to compete at meets but it is not a requirement. We offer opportunities for students to compete at the T&F and XC club level, but also we focus on athletic development so some students will only be participating to improve their skills for other sports.   

Is RCTC a year round club? 

Yes. We offer opportunities for students to compete at the T&F club level (both outdoors and indoors), Cross Country club level, and also we focus on athletic development to improve for other sports.

     Summer - Track & Field / Pre-season Cross Country training / athletic development

     Fall - Cross Country / Pre-season Indoor Track & Field training / athletic development

     Winter - Indoor Track & Field / Pre-season Spring Track & Field training / athletic development

     Spring - Bolder Boulder training / Track & Field training / athletic development 

Registration information for each season will be updated as soon as possible but always feel free to join the email list or reach out with questions!

Can my kid come watch or participate at a practice before deciding to join? 

Yes. We still need to be notified in advance but we welcome students to come see what we do!    

Can I receive one-on-one training with Coach Fassler? 

Yes. One-on-one sessions are available for athletic development, speed development, skills/technique development, and/or sports specific conditioning. Sessions will last 2 hours and are $50 per session. Scheduled dates will be made to fit both student and coach to maximize time.    

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